Official Account: BANKER

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Warning! Official Account: BANKER

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2011-09-07, 16:18

Hello members of Advertising Field. Smile

To prevent any confusion, we have created an Official account with the username The Bank. The bank has all the points this forum has. That means their points aren't actually their, but they belong to the whole forum.

The bank has 1000 points (1 thousand) points. Every time a user will get paid for something by the forum, like staff members get paid for their job or when points will be awarded for winning a contest or donating etc., the points will be taken from The Bank. The Bank also gets the charge for transactions.

Once a month, the bank gets 1000 points. When the bank is running low on money (less than 50), the transaction price will be higher and any payments from the bank to the users will be delayed and will not be done until the bank has at least 500 points again.

The account will handle out any transactions.

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Warning! Official Account: BANKER

Post by The Bank on 2011-09-07, 16:21

This is the Official Account: Banker.

The account will reply at every topic where a transaction is necessary. This is Banker's moderation color.

Thank you for understanding.


The Bank

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