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Warning! Advertising Field Official Ban List

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-08-18, 06:26

This is official Ban list (list of Banned members) on Advertising Field.

Every time when a staff member bans a member, please post here so the list can be updated.
Banned Members:

  • Debugger - He wanted to apply for staff, and never again visited the forum in almost two months. / Banned by: Dumbledore27
  • Leon. - Marked his own topic as spam (I guess I accidentally allowed members to use "Spam" icon [which got removed]) / Banned by: Dumbledore27
  • The Reviewer - This is a test account used to review our forum, and will be unbanned only when I will request review / Banned by: Dumbledore27
  • The Rock - Not doing what he has been told to already 3 times / Banned by: Dumbledore27

Banned Email Addresses:
  • No Banned Emails found on the list

Banned IP addresses:
  • - You have been calling layout crap [via contact option] / Banned by: Dumbledore27 :::: Suspended (temporary ban)

If A Staff Member bans a member, he has to post it here. Thank you for your understanding. Wink



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