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Warning! RULES

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2011-10-01, 14:35

Please read the rules here:

Advertising Field: Terms of Service

Last updated on 01/10/2011*

Who can post?

Anyone can post on Advertising Field forums if they have registered and didn't have the posting privilege taken away. However if you will abide by our rules, that will not happen.


We have various types of employees on our forum. They are volunteers and have agreed to help this forum by being active no matter what and to keep it clean and help members.

You are more than welcome to check our Staff list.

    Double or triple posting is not allowed on this forum, unless it's separated by 24 hours. You will be given three verbal warnings before an official warning will be issued.

    Going off-topic is not allowed. If you will post too many things, not related to the discussion you have posted in, you will get a warning.

    Making multiple topics about the same thing is not allowed and you may get warned for it.

    Using bold or colored text is not permitted and is reserved for staff members.

    Posting in wrong sections is not allowed, however first few times we will let it slip.

    Unless you are a staff member of Advertising Field, you are not allowed to moderate other members.

    Bumping or "upping" a topic is not allowed in the advertising forum.

Report System

If you find a topic violating our rules, you should immediately report it to the Staff members. To do so, click the Report button located above the post on the right. After clicking, you will be asked why you are reporting the post. Try to be specific, since different violations of rules will be treated with different urge.

Abusing the system can result in a warning or prevention from reporting posts.


If you have a formal complaint against a user, please contact a global moderator or administrator of Advertising Field. A formal complaint is one that requires staff attention. The report can also be done at Court of Law.

If you have a complaint on a staff member's actions, you can contact them for further explanation or contact an Administrator to see to it himself. You can also post it in the Court of Law (see above for link).

Private Messages

Private messages are only available to registered users at this link. They are a private way of communication between two users, but you are still responsible for anything you write in the messages. In Private Messages, you must follow all the above rules. You may also not post any external links.

Forum Rules

Racism and other intolerance

Posts in which direct and malicious degradation of individuals or groups for their actual or perceived race, gender, beliefs, sexuality or lifestyle are prohibited. By degradation, we mean expression that does not merely insult a person or group, but tries to show a person or group is worse than other people or groups.

Undesirable post content

The following types of content is strictly prohibited, but is not limited to.


Any type of nudity or other erotic content is prohibited on this website.

Graphic Images

By that we mean images containing extreme and realistic images of violence or human suffering are not taken lightly and will result in immediate expulsion from the forum.

Same applies to avatars ("personal images"). If you have an advertising or any other way improper avatar, we will privately ask you to remove it, or the privilege of avatar usage will be revoked.

External links

Members may not post links to their websites anywhere except in Promotion section, if following guidelines. Members may link to third-party websites as long as the website is not against the specified rules ("Forum Rules") and is not random, but related to the discussion and is relevant.

Illegal activity

Any kind of activity against French laws, U.S. laws AND/OR Slovenian laws is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Examples of illegal activity is (intent of) copyright infringement, file sharing etc.


Members are no way allowed to use forums to solicit other members for sexual contact. That includes but is not limited to: trading inappropriate pictures, "cybersex" and physical sexual contact. In order to prevent this, members are not allowed to ask for off-forum contact information. Members are also not allowed to display their content publicly, such as in topics or in their profile.

If a report that a member is using Private Messages to solicit other members, we reserve the right to check their mailbox without permission at any given moment. The person that received soliciting content will also be asked to grant us access to their mailbox so we can check it also from them.


You may not advertise anywhere except in the Promotion section. Advertising is not allowed in: avatars, PM system, "fake signatures" or anywhere in the forum but in the right section.

Unsavory characters

Members who cannot behave properly are "unsavory characters". Examples are:

-> Spammers

-> Posters with unfriendly attitude

-> People revealing others' personal information

Disrespect toward moderators

All members must respect staff members. Disrespecting is, amongst others: editing a post that was edited by a moderator back to its previous state, not doing what the moderator told you to do. If a moderator is not being respected, it is up to them to decide what to do with the member: verbally warn them, issue an official warning or ban the member from the forum for 5 days.

Multiple Accounts

Only one account is permitted at Advertising Field. Having two active accounts is not allowed and will result in both being banned. Having one active account and one banned account is fine, but you must contact a staff member or post it in your introduction topic, so we will know. If you do so, your warning bar will be changed to orange. If you don't do so, you will get permanently banned when you disobey one rule, even if you would get a verbal warning for it.
You can create another account when administrator grants permission for it.



Ban is a permanent expulsion from the forum, meaning your account is disabled forever.

Temporary ban
When you are temporarily banned, you will not be able to use your account until the date specified. To see that date, log in with your information. It will say when you will be able to use your account again. In the meantime, you are not permitted to create another account.

Verbal Warnings

A verbal warning is given when you breach a rule that is not very important. Once you get three verbal warnings on the same matter, an official warning will be issued.

Official Warnings

Official warnings are shown by your warning bar. For your fourth official warning, you will be banned from the forum forever.

Click here to see more about Warning bars/Official Warnings

Contact us

If you have any questions about the rules, are not sure about something or don't know what to do about a post/message you received on the forum, please contact Dumbledore27.

Thank you for taking time and reading our Terms of Service.

Please check this page regularly. The Terms of Service may change without notice.

*Date is in DD/MM/YYYY format



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