Christmas Contest!

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Christmas Contest!

Post by Trauma on 2010-11-22, 06:27


Happy Holidays Advertising Field Members!

Thats right, Christmas is just around the corner (well more so 33 days XD) and we are opening up yet another contest for all you seasonal members out there who wish to get more into the Christmas Spirit. Sadly all those Thanksgiving fans, we have no made a contest for this holiday. The Christmas Contest will be end five days before Christmas, we dont want to spoil the day of your holiday, wasting it away on the computer. This contest will be a Creative Christmas Contest, which in all cases, get as creative as you can be. We will be holding a contest on the best Christmas spirit. The applications are simple, you can submit any of the following pieces below to have it judged and viewed as most festive.


  • Forumotion Christmas Template
  • Christmas Forum
  • Christmas Desktop Wallpaper
  • Christmas Advertising Field Video
  • Christmas Related Media Art

**Remember all of the listed above MUST be produced by you, if they are copyrighted or made by another, they will not be accepted and you will disqualified!**


Whats a contest without awesome prizes? Well no need to worry about that, we have you covered. We will be offering the following prizes for placing members!

  • First Place Winner ~ Will win this for a trophy to display on your profile and message posts --> . Winner will also receive a FREE Medium Package and 3000 Points!
  • Second Place Winner ~ Shall win a Small Package with 1000 Points
  • Third Place Winner ~ Shall win 500 Points

Good luck everyone, the contest beings..


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