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Warning! Information on 'Spam'

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-10-08, 12:37

    What is spam?

      Spam is any post or topic with a link which hasn't anything to do with the topic, if the post is off-topic with a link. Spam is also any messages encouraging any rule- or law-breaking, such as downloading or sharing shareware programs, warez, downloads to films, videos or any other copyrighted material, piracy and such things. It is not allowed to embed any, either. Spam is also something like:
      alfdfdhlfksdkdjlfhs (random typing)
      -_- (smiley)

      Spam is also PMing any links to any member. To report it, use the PM Spam topic.

    What to do when seeing a spam post hasn't been taken care of?

      You certainly don't reply to the post. Simply click the report button: Information on 'Spam' Report and explain it is a spam post.
      If a staff member will not remove spam in 24 hours, you can reply to the topic, however. But if nobody will remove spam within 48 hours after your post, you PM any staff member here, who can moderate spammed section.

Replying to spam is also considered spam, don't do it unless it's been 24 hours since spam was posted.
PMing staff to remove spam is also spam, don't do it unless it's been 48 hours since you replied to spam.



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