Warning bars now in place

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Warning bars now in place

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-05-19, 12:12

Hello, everybody! We have now putted warning bars in place!

Now... Here are the images and word explanation.
~ You have no warnings. No need to worry for now! Laughing
~ Oops! You have been warned! We recommend you to quickly go through rules.
~ You have been warned already twice! You really should obey us when saying that you should quickly reread rules! Now you really should do it, if you haven't!
~ Now you should read every single rule and guideline again, carefully, and not just once! This is your final warning!
~ I told you you should do as we said! You obviously didn't read rules! You have been permanently banned from Advertising Field!

As warning bars are new, please contact Dumbledore27 if a warning bar did not appear in your profile, so we can add it to you.

~ Dumbledore27

If stated in rules, you can be banned also without any warnings!

Images updated because they have been changed a long time ago

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