FrostyOcean Number One Advertising Site!

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FrostyOcean Number One Advertising Site!

Post by Pivetor on 2011-09-26, 21:41

We are a brand new site, hopping for a good jump start. We need a good community, and looking for active members.

We are a Advertising site, we offer loads of unique services that will make your advertising enjoyable, and even fun. With our site battles, you can battle friends, or other members and see who's site wins!

Check it out for the latest promotional goods, and get your site traffic fast.

www .link removed. com (No Space)


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Re: FrostyOcean Number One Advertising Site!

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2011-09-27, 12:06


May I remind you that you must have at least 5 posts to advertise!

You also posted this in the Introductions.

I will ban you from the forum for 5 days now. When you come back, you are welcome to reread the rules. Wink

ALSO, your website has the endless loop (given link redirects to another link which redirects to first link etc.). If anybody would be able to do anything... You know, where I live, for such things we say "if that happened, I'd be the pope."

=> Member banned for specified time period



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