Star Wars The Old Republic: Role-Play (Member for Member)

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Star Wars The Old Republic: Role-Play (Member for Member)

Post by Trauma on 2011-08-15, 02:28

Hello there, we here at SWTOR:RP are in desperate need of members, though we understand that not everyone is a big fan of role-playing as much as the next guy. So we few at SWTOR have devised a solution that would be helpful on both accounts.

We are offering a member for member exchange, simply meaning, you become a member on our forum (DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO BE ACTIVE, but it would be nice) and we in return will have one of our members register for your forum (we will stay active). SWTOR has three members that have volunteered to do this service for any takers out there that might be interested in this deal.

IF you are interested in doing a MFM (Member For Member) contact me via private messaging here on Advertising Field or simply respond to the post with your validation of wanting this service.


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