Star Wars The Old Republic: Role-Play (Looking for Staff!)

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Star Wars The Old Republic: Role-Play (Looking for Staff!)

Post by Trauma on 2011-08-15, 02:22

We are now open for Role-Play! Other news, we are now accepting staff positions for the role-play as well, we are looking for dependable, hard working, reliable people to work out staff and maintain leadership in the forum. Currently these positions are open for register.

  • (Trust Worthy) Co-Administrator
  • (Hard Working) Moderator
    (the following staff positions are for the role-play purposes only)
  • Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Grand Master Jedi
  • 4 Sith House Lords
  • 4 Jedi House Lords
  • 501st Commander
  • Rebel Alliance Commander


Super Staff
Super Staff

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