Star Wars The Old Republic: Role-Play (NOW OPEN!)

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Star Wars The Old Republic: Role-Play (NOW OPEN!)

Post by Trauma on 2011-08-13, 16:43
Star Wars The Old Republic: Role-Playing Game Created by Austin Sinard (Trauma) and Micheal Clark (Paranoid)
All Star Wars credit goes to George Lucas and Lucas Arts Studios for the creation of Star Wars and the images and timeline used.


We are now open for Role-Play! Other news, we are now accepting staff positions for the role-play as well, we are looking for dependable, hard working, reliable people to work out staff and maintain leadership in the forum. Currently these positions are open for register.

  • Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Grand Master Jedi
  • Co-Administrator
  • 4 Sith House Lords
  • 4 Jedi House Lords
  • 501st Commander
  • Rebel Alliance Commander

ALL NEW Facebook style chat box at the bottom of the forum, there you can connect with your facebook, myspace, twitter and yahoo account to chat and even invite your friends to the forum to chat (requires that they register and become a forum member to chat). Along with the chat box below the forum you can check out our latest Facebook and Twitter status updates, getting the latest and greatest news in SWTOR:RP.

NEW! We added a music player to our website, you guessed it, ALL Star Wars related music, all from the Imperial March (to add to those battle text moods) and of course the classic Cantina Band music (ba ba ba ba baaba), you can check it out on the left sidebar, just below the latest topics ticker.

AFFILIATE STATION! is now up, this allows people to put in registration to become one of our affiliates, such as the fine folks here at Advertising Field is currently doing (highly recommended). With becoming our affiliates you will get newsletters sent directly to your email (which you can cancel at anytime) about our latest updates, or check here on Advertising Field to see our latest updates.

Choose the fate of either a Jedi Knight, Sith Lord or a ruthless Bounty Hunter, and map out the ways of the galaxy.


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