why keep this forum open

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why keep this forum open

Post by pcsupportforum on 2011-02-05, 18:59

I have notice that members cant post in the Forum Promotion and i still had a package sitting here from the 27 Oct 2010 if you have not got the time for this forum you might as well say good bye and close the doors.

There is much better forums out there where you can promote your site and get services that you want.....

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Re: why keep this forum open

Post by Trauma on 2011-02-05, 19:20

We take the our member's words to heart. We understand that you have not had the service you requested finished. Although, you being a member or a forum owner yourself, that staff (reliable staff) is not easy to come by. If you wish to use another advertising forum, that is freely your choice. Though the option to keep this forum running is NOT your choice. Thank you for your opinion.


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