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Voyd Forums Staff Request

Post by Heart and Soul on 2011-01-06, 08:04

Hey, Voyd Forums is starting to kick off so I need the following staff/members

Moderators & GO! Mods
Job: Moderate the Forums
Requirements: Must Be in Mods-To-Be group for up to 4 Weeks, 2 if we notice you're doing a good job.
Openings: 3 Mods 2 GO! Mods

Job: Give Technical Aid and work on Graphics
Requirements: Must know how the Admin Control Panel Works
Openings: 2

Game Mods
Job: Moderate the Site Official Roleplay, the Roleplay Section, and the Games Section
Requirements: None
Openings: 2

Newspaper Editors
Job: Regularly Make Submissions to Site Paper
Requirement: Make One Submission a Week
Openings: 5

If it wouldn't be to much trouble, I (Soul) am in the EST Timezone and none of the other users haveit the same so if we could get some users from different timezones in some of these it'd be great. Grin
Heart and Soul
Be awesome, I'm still up to be.

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