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Post by FENSTER on 2010-12-19, 14:51

What does your forum offer?: My forum offers a massive range of topics from all walks of life, including special topic sections for the likes of "Big Brother" and "The X Factor" etc and general off topic sections. It has a LIVE chatroom for those wanting instant interaction. Ive created a direct friends list to make it easier to manage friend requests. You can upload images in the forum and in the gallery either public or personal gallery.
Why did you make your forum?: There are many many forums out there for General Chat and i wanted to make the best.
Why Does your forum deserve this award?: I have designed and edited most of the forum myself including designing all my own icons and buttons and crested menu sections forumotion dont usually offer like my own admin panel for staff. And i have kept the forum simple to use for ease as well as make it look colourful.
How many members do you have?: 25 members all while the forum in construction.
How old is your forum?:10 months old (all construction time)
Extra Comments: Please have a good look and tell me what you think of the forum in honest opinion as i would like to make this very popular so all critisism appreciated Smile

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PS If i have made any mistakes or missed anything out in this post please notify me so i can edit Smile


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Re: StuffyCheese

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-12-19, 17:16

Please reread the rules. It is forbidden to advertise in wrong sections, as well as if you don't have 5 posts at the moment. Which you don't, so I will issue a double warning on you.

=> Member warned
=> Topic locked



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