NOTICE: Forum Promotion Updates

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Warning! NOTICE: Forum Promotion Updates

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-10-02, 06:41

Forum Promotion UPDATED

Hello, Hello

This is an official Advertising Field Update: Forum Promotion Sorting.

We will now sort forums that are promoted in 'Forum Promotion' into groups depending on what the forum is about:
-> Advertising Forums
-> Hobbies Forums
-> Real-Life Forums
-> Fan Forum and Roleplay Gaming forums
-> Support Forums
-> Others

In order to affect this update, we were urged to shut Forum Promotion down for a moment, but it is back up again.

Check out the new sorting
Suggest an improvement for this update
Thank you for taking time and reading this. Smile

IdeaNote: Not all topics might be moved to proper section, for different reasons, such as us being unable to determine the best category for it. If your topic wasn't moved to correct category, please PM an administrator.
Thank you.
Warning: The content above is copyrighted by Advertising Field forums powered by Forumotion. You may not publish any of the above content without handwritten permission of the founder and owner of the Advertising Field forums!



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