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Rules of General Discussion Empty Rules of General Discussion

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-08-11, 10:43

General Discussion Rules

Firstly, let me welcome you to General Discussion. This IS a place to discuss:
Rules of General Discussion Security-high
  • Technology - Yes, this is a place for technology discussion. That means topics like "What do you think of new Microsoft OS" will not be garbaged. But don't go too far with technology, support requests, including What computer would you recommend me to buy, are meant to be done here.
  • Any other material do discuss that is not breaching rules.
    How to post?
  • Make sure to use proper grammar -- some people aren't native speakers (like me Razz) or don't understand English very good (unlike me tongue). Refrain from using SMS language or Leetspeak. Also all rules enforced.

This ISN'T a place to discuss:
Rules of General Discussion Security-low
  • Anything breaching terms of service or rules
  • Place to post any external links (please do so in Forum Promotion).
  • A place to attack other members (this will not be tolerated and may be resulted in permanent/temporary ban).
  • A place to ask any questions about profiles (such as "Why was my warning bar lowered"), please PM staff member about it.
  • A place to ask staff members to ban users, please do so here.
  • A place to report any members (See above).
  • A place to post any external links.

Please note: These rules may be updated at any time, without any further notice! Please reread them often. If you see a topic that is breaching the newest rules, please reply to it saying it is breaching GD rules. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Wink

Rules firstly written on 08-10-2010 (August 8, 2010).



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