Advertise Hotspot - Advertisement In Your Hands

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Advertise Hotspot - Advertisement In Your Hands

Post by Joel on 2010-06-20, 05:32

Site Name: Advertise Hotspot
Link: Removed by Dumbledore27
Description: Advertisement In Your Hands
Username on Board: Joel

[url=http://]Link removed[/url]

Our History?
The forum Advertise Hotspot was created on December 2009. It was only officially used on January 15 2010. Believe it or not, we only used it after about 1 month! The name "Advertise"represents advertising forums, websites, etc. And the "Hotspot" represents that we hot! A place that everyone should visit!

Why Us?

"A promise is a cloud. Fulfillment is the rain." At Advertise Hotspot, your dreams will be fulfilled! We dont just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk. We are who we are. We will promise the best and only that. If something is not up to your standard, dont just sit there! Let the admins know! We will try out very best to make our forum a friendly one, making your stay at Advertise Hotspot unforgettable!

What Do We Offer

We offer almost anything! If we dont, do suggest it so we'll meet your needs! You can advertise anything at Advertise Hotspotas long as it does'nt break Forumotion's TOS and our forum rules too.Anything from forums, websites, blogs and even your social networkingsites! You can also request for our 8 awesome services! Not enough? We provide forum support too! So the question is what dont we offer?

Its time you join [url=http://]Link removed[/url]! See you there!
Our users have posted a total of 25033 messages, we have 305 registered users

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Re: Advertise Hotspot - Advertisement In Your Hands

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-06-20, 06:01


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