(HUGE ADVERTISING FORUM); 111,000+ posts, 1,240+ members

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Post by Rok on 2010-06-08, 14:59 is one of the leading advertising forums on the web. So far, our stats are proving that we have 111,000+ posts and that we are getting close to 1,300 registered forum members! Our community of friendly staff members is just as decent. As our logo states: Unique Services. Quality Promotion. Why not register today on our forum and start advertising!


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Re: (HUGE ADVERTISING FORUM); 111,000+ posts, 1,240+ members

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-06-08, 15:19

Hello, you have to introduce yourself before posting a promotion topic. Introduce yourself within 24 hours or this will be moved to garbage.
P.S.: Nice forum.



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