Advanced rules - Check post above ^^

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Advanced rules - Check post above ^^

Post by Dumbledore27 on 2010-05-16, 16:51

Please, check the rules written in post above. Those rules are for advanced users ONLY! ~Dumbledore27

All new members must post an introduction when you are registering.

All members must make at least 1 post every day to keep their account active.

No racist, sexist or derogatory religious comments will be tolerated.

Copyright and ownership: All comments & images posted on this forum are owned by the author.

All messages express the views of the author not the forum and/or its administration.

Your password is private do not share it with anyone & do not allow your account to be used by anyone other than yourself. Any members found doing this will have their account deleted immediately without notice.

Personal attacks on members or their opinions will not be tolerated.

This forum will not allow offensive language or the posting of images that are offensive. Any messages which are considered to be abusive, obscene, vulgar, hateful, slanderous or threatening, will be removed without warning or discussion.

Please respect that this is an advertising forum, therefore discussing breeding is inappropriate & not allowed unless it is directly linked to or concerning rescue.

The advertising of any forum or website are Welcome.

Please respect the opinions & beliefs of others & treat all members as you would expect to be treated yourself.

Privacy rule: Copying of any content from this board is strictly prohibited. Any personal posts, pictures or videos are strictly for the viewing pleasure of the our members. Cross posting is not allowed unless with the express permission of the moderation team & administrators. Any member found to be breaking this rule will have their account deleted.

All advice given on this forum is the personal experiences & beliefs of the members posting it & is only that members opinion, the Advertising Field, this forum & it's administrators take no responsibility for any advice given or taken by its members. If you have any concerns about the welfare of your forum then please seek the advice of a professional.

Private Message are just that, PRIVATE & should be kept private, if there are any issues with messages received then admin should be notified & the matter will be dealt with.

All decisions made by the admin of the Advertising Field forum are final.

Any deviation from these rules may result in the deletion of your membership.

If you do not accept any of these rules & have already registered please pm Admin to delete your account.

~ Administrators

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